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Blargh. [08 Mar 2005|06:52pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

This bar chart nonsense is driving me nuts. Does anyone here understand how we're supposed to use the transparent gif image to make the bars? I did manage to improvise a little and put them in, but it looks nothing like the example he showed us.

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[02 Mar 2005|06:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

possibly my new layout for my websiteCollapse )

What do you guys think? What does it need? What don't you like? Just want to make it the best I possibly can. ^_^

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screen capture [01 Mar 2005|11:52am]
Can anyone explain to me how to do a screen capture?
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...only stupid people. [17 Feb 2005|09:36am]

[ mood | confused ]

I hate to ask a stupid question that might have been gone over in class, but if class is cancelled today, does that mean assignment 5 is due Tuesday? OR is it due in his office by the end of his hours? I'm sure he went over this, but could someone please clarify? Thanks :)

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This place is just teeming with posts, eh? [15 Feb 2005|08:29pm]

I hate to sound like a complete idiot right now, but this question for assignment 5 has been wreaking my brain for a while now.

"What site features will be used? Why?"

Alright, first of all I don't know what 'site features' includes. Am I describing how I'm using images, sound, video and such in the site? I just need examples.

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Off topic, but... FREE KITTENS TO GOOD HOME :) [15 Feb 2005|01:28pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi! I need help finding a good home for two (or one) kittens. They are 4 months old and have had their first round of shots. They are both female but have not yet been spayed - I can point you in the direction of a low-cost spay clinic in Orange county, however. (about $20) The two of them are seriously well behaved and quiet - they only get into things on shelves but have been trained to stay off (or at least I'm trying.) They are both lovey and lap-type cats. I would love to keep them, but I can't because of relationship issues and cost factors. If I cannot find a home for them within the week (or less..) they have to go to the pound. I will include the toys I have, litter box, whatever food is left, dish, shampoo, etc. Everything I have, essentially. I would love to keep them together as they are close with eachother and sisters, but as long as they can find a home either apart or together I will be happy. If you would like to talk to me about them more or meet them to see if they would be the right match for you please call me at 407-421-0060. Email me at MingThe Panda (at) yahoo (dot) com for pictures or more info as well. AIM: MingThePanda

Thank you, and sorry to post sooo off topic. I am desperate to make sure they don't go to the pound.

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Livejournal Customizing [02 Feb 2005|01:08pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

What I've just learned about livejournal or have known for a while is that you can customize it. The way you customize is by using CSS. So with livejournal you can learn new selectors and properties. So if you want to mess around with a few and see what else you can possibly do give it a try. Take a look at the new layout of the website. There are many possibilities so go out and try some and tell me about it because I love learning more about this stuff. ^_^

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Coolness... [01 Feb 2005|06:15pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

I've been a livejournal user for a couple years now, so this is a real treat. I'm glad that this community was created, although I'm kind of hoping I won't be needing too much help with this course! But when I do, I'll come here first.


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[01 Feb 2005|12:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

-Cryo Guy from Futurama-

I pretty much created this community so that we all can have a better way of communication to use each other as a resource. Since most people are shy and don't go up to others and talk that much especially in lecture halls I figured this would be an easier way to "break the ice". You can ask for help, post new code you are proud of and like to share or code you need help with. Or if you just want to find out the name and number of the cute girl/guy sitting 3 rows away from you I don't mind. Well hopefully this works out and if anyone needs any help with digital graphics I'm not a "master" yet but I can still give you a few points, I use Photoshop CS.

Much Aloha,
Joel aka V.T.S
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